Software Activation for Infinity-Box users:
- DC-Unlocker software
- GB-Key software
- GPG-Workshop software
- SPT-Box software
- Micro-Box software
- HUA Dongle software
- Asansam Box software
FREE for Infinity-Box users:
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): MTK/MediaTek
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): RDA/Coolsand
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): SPD/Spreadtrum

Installation, Documentation, Support area, Online services etc.
I. System requirements

1. Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7 (32 and 64 bit tested)
2. 20 Mb free disk space for software modules and about 200 Gb for flash files
3. One free USB port for dongle
4. Do not use any kind of usb-sharing or port sniff software to avoid blocked dongle !  You was warned, we take no responsibility for any kind of blocked dongles !

II. Installation procedure

1. Connect Dongle/box to PC, in most cases drivers will be installed automatically
2. If drivers can not be installed automatically: download and install PKey Drivers
3. Install software according to this instruction
4. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher)

If you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7 you can install drivers automatically via Internet
1. Connect Dongle/Box to PC
2. Be sure that you have active Internet connection
3. Let Windows makes the rest automatically

You can manually install Drivers for different Smart-Card Reader types:
- Axalto/Schlumberger e-gate
- PKey Drivers
- Fetian FT SCR2000 (FT2000) x32, x64
  How to update Fetian FT SCR2000 (FT2000) Smart-Card Reader drivers
- Omnikey CCID x32, x64
- SCM SCR3310 x32, x64
- AlcorMicro x32, x64

How to find your Smart-Card Reader VID/PID:
- USB device viewer

If you use Windows 8/8.1
- How to install unsigned Card-Reader drivers for Windows 8/8.1

NOTE: Dongle color can be green, blue, yellow, red, brown, violet or any other color, all Dongles has the same functionality.

Smart-Card Dongle   Smart-Card Dongle

III. Documentation

- User manual (English)
- User manual (Russian)
- Video manuals
- Knowledge database with information about unlock/repair methods
- if nothing helps contact to support

IV. Support area: download software, updates, manuals, pinouts etc.

1. Connect Dongle to PC
2. Download and run BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] software here or here
3. Go to software "Misc" page
4. Select support server (any of them)
5. Click to "Go to Support area" button

V. Online Service: Infinity-Credits, software activations, SL3 unlock codes, BB unlock codes, Pantech unlock codes, INQ unlock codes, iPhone unlock etc.

As a Dongle user you already have a FREE Account for Online Service system
How to Login to FREE Online Service Account

VI. Dongle maintainance

How to read Box/Dongle Serial Number (S/N)
How to update Dongle firmware

VII. Try before buy

You can try free Demo access to Support Area

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